Wednesday 6 May 2015

Woodland wander

Mike had proposed a walk that would see another top or two bagged. However, the best laid plan of mice and men! On the day allocated the weather was not good, heavy rain put a damper on things. Thus we delayed our start and also changed to another, easier option.
Our easier meander took us to Thrunton Wood. Lunch was had sitting in the car watching thick mist drifting across the countryside while heavy rain drummed on the roof. As things happen on occasion, we set off in waterproofs with the rain now reduced to a mizzle and even that began to clear away. Following little red markers indicating our route proved interesting. One pointed to a vague path entering fairly dense wood and undergrowth.

 We found a wee hill top but it certainly did not seem the one we wanted. Much consulting of maps, a couple of checks on the compass and a stravaig through quite dense woodland saw us emerging by a circuitous deviation on to Castle Hill. Very old woodland with gnarled and ancient trees in abundance.

We both agreed it would be an excellent bivi spot, one with atmosphere?

Mike maybe described as a covert tree hugger?

 Lucky is a little bemused.

Our way now led us steeply upwards, meandering around rocky outcrops. We found  Macartneys Cave. This was a strange cave and obviously man made. Tool marks on the walls indicated that at one time something had been mined there.

Troglodyte and hound in residence?

A wander along Callaly crag in brightening weather, offered fine views. Following the track along Thrunton Crag led us back to the car. A fine wee bimble.


  1. I can see you getting back into Bushcraft again.

  2. Actually I am working on that idea Alan.

  3. On a wet day a wood wander is a good option... finding a cave is even better.

  4. We actually found a cave and a large rock overhang that would have made a good bivi.