Friday 17 July 2015

Hodge podge

Recently, between trips, I have been attempting to walk on a daily basis. Usually it averages from a minimum of around a couple of miles to a more usual round of four to five miles. Rather than rabbit on about the trivia of daily doings, a few photos may suffice to offer a better story.

 A walk around Amble and the surrounding coast.

 A rather infested field of wheat.

A youf training ship in Blyth harbour.

Folks up the rigging.

Fishing coble, Druridge bay, walkies with Mick, an interesting gent with three lovely hounds.

A day walk with Mike and intrepid hound Lucky.

Interesting rock formations. Again, on a day walk from Alnwick with Mike.

Mike, trying his cragging skills?
Contorted rock formations, Cloudy Crags.
There is something perversely exhilarating about walking along the tide line, despite the wetness, rain and wind. The roar of the surf, the waves crashing on the beach  can be quite thrilling, odd??


  1. Thank you Alan, there is indeed some nice areas and things to see around here.

  2. Love yours and Mikes blogs

  3. You have moved to a lovely part of the country :)I'm originally from kind of up there, too - Hartlepool. :)

  4. It is a fantastic area Chrissie